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Aeronautical Data Conversion

Since 2012 we have been producing aeronautical data for aviation market. By those years we have developed our own solution to convert aeronautical data between AIXM 5.1.1, and well known ESRI Shapefile format.
We have made every effort to develop software which not only maintains the AIXM 5.1.1 fomat standards, but also has the ablity to adopt the data structure to real needs of the client.

The Approach

  • We are here to help you with conversion standard developement, to support you on your projects or daily AIXM conversion issues.
  • Our software is consistenly updated to respect AIXM format changes. Currently we are supporting AIXM 5.1.1. We are ready for upcomming AXIM 5.2.
  • We are offering access to our Online AIXM Conversion Service with dedicated templates, well suited to your data standard.

Conversion Templates

  • Our software is template based, with ready to use conversion templates for exchanging AMDB and eTOD databases compilant with standards: EUROCAE ED99/ED119 and RTCA DO272/DO291.
  • We offer the developement of custom templates suited for any data standard.
  • Prepared conversion templates can be used in our Online AIXM Conversion Service.

Access to Online Conversion Service

  • Build-in conversion templates for AMDB (Aeronautical Mapping Database) objects and eTOD (Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data) obstacles conversion.
  • Custom dedicated templates appropriate for your data standard.
  • Built-in aeronautical data viewer in your web browser.
  • Access to KML ready to open in Google Earth with extruded vertical objects (2.5D Geometry).