Aeronautical Data Management

Online Service for AIXM exchange and Visualisation


Aeronautical Data Management

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Aeronautical Data Management

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AIXM eXchange
and Visualisation

Our service provides the ability to convert data from AIXM (Aeronautical Information Exchange Model) format to ESRI Shapefile format, and conversely.
The service enables two-way conversion of eTOD (electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data) and AMDB (Aerodrome Mapping Database). You don’t need to install any software, everything you need is accessible via a web browser.

AMDB and eTOD Conversion

Capability to convert aeronautical data between AIXM and the well known ESRI Shapefile format.

  • Build-in templates for AMDB and eTOD conversion
  • Compliance with standards: EUROCAE ED99/ED119 and RTCA DO272/DO291

Data Conversion Templates Editor

Advanced template editor to modify built-in templates, or create new ones.

  • Ability to create and modify classes and attribute relationships
  • Easy to use, no coding needed

Online Data Storage

Your aeronautical data is always available on secured servers.

  • Disk space available for registered users
  • Data can be easily accessed and downloaded to your local computer

AIXM and ESRI Shapefile Viewer

Built-in aeronautical data viewer in your web browser.

  • Ability to view data in both AIXM and ESRI Shapefile formats
  • Access to KML ready to open in Google Earth (2.5D Geometry)